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On adventure

I like to watch the sunrise and sunset. Then I enjoy such a pink orange sky with white stripes of airplanes in it. I muse and wonder; where are those planes going, what is their destination?

I used to like to get on a plane and I regularly went on adventures. The trips to hot cluttered countries were a welcome change from my organized daily life full of responsibilities. As a traveler I freely gained new experiences of exotic cultures. I think back on that with great pleasure.

Travel in your head

With the climate crisis, corona and war, that travel will no longer happen for the time being. But that's not bad at all. You don't have to leave home to travel. You can travel in your mind, in your head.

I myself prefer to travel with a zeppelin, a submarine and the last year, with a spacecraft. My world is no longer limited to earth. Sometimes I go alone, but often with a companion; my beloved ones, an animal, a hero.

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Work on paper
I record my imaginary journey in colourful figurative works on paper. I use different printing techniques and play with the printing blocks in formats, colours and composition.

Spatial objects
Recently I also depict my stories with digital drawings and experiment with small three-dimensional objects in cardboard and plastic. The works become memories of my journey, like postcards and souvenirs do. I also hope to inspire others to travel in their heads. Who knows where your journey will take you when anything is possible.

 Exhibitions, projects & commissioned work 

I exhibit my work in galleries and art libary. My work is also available as loan-works of art. My works on paper and art prints are included in various collections, including the collections of the State Department, the National Military Museum, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Kunstgebouw Zuid-Holland.

mariken van nimwegen nijmegenprent 2012 zeefdruk dubbele adelaar valkenier valkhof nijmegen

Every now and then I make commissioned work for individuals and companies. For example, I was commissioned for the Nijmegenprent, which was unveiled by mayor Bruls in a packed Stevenskerk. As icing on the cake, I was made an honorary citizen of this historic city.

I make specific work for themed exhibitions. the subjects go in all directions; tulips, animal love, inland shipping and the medieval stories about Mariken van Nimwegen.

For more information or a visit to my studio, feel free to contact me.

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